On Wednesday, Sept. 24th, our cross country team participated in the Independent Schools cross country race. SCCS runners did extremely well. Collectively we had eight medals, including the second and third fastest boy and the fastest girl. Great work, Chargers! A huge thank you to the coaches, Mr. Billy Isaac and Mrs. Sandra Marsh Hamm.

SCCS cross country runners earn medal standings.

SCCS cross country runners earn medal standings.

BASC “switches” it up!

New computer stations located in the Before and After School Program

New computer stations located in the Before and After School Program

The SCCS BASC program is a perfect example of how programming at St. Charles reflects the synergy that exists between the school administration, families and the Board of Directors. In 2007 when the BASC program began at SCCS, the vision was for a setting where students would have the opportunity to complete homework, socialize and learn in a safe, fun environment.

“I remember it like yesterday”, says Dr. Penny. “It was my second week at SCCS, and we had an early dismissal scheduled for that afternoon. Right after lunch, it was brought to my attention that the structure of Academy Kids Daycare had changed over the summer, and that they could no longer provide after school care for our students. It was a shock when I heard that. A few dozen families were counting on having child care that day, and the dismissal bell was set to ring in less than an hour. The Chair of the Board, Anne-Marie Ford, was standing in the office and overheard the conversation. Within 20 minutes, we had Board approval for funding and we had found a staff member willing to take on the task of running an After School Program. And thus, in a matter of moments one of the signature school programs, BASC, was founded!”

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SCCS “Meet the Teacher”

The 2014 Annual “Meet the Teacher “ was held on Sept. 18th. The attendance was fantastic – with every seat taken and limited standing room only left available in the gym. The evening began with a welcome on behalf of the Corporate Board by Msgr. Comeault. Robyn Powell, Chair of the SCCS Board of Directors, shared a report that reflected all the accomplishments of the school in the previous year. Imbedded in her report was a financial report given by Athena Dinos, SCCS Comptroller. The second portion of Ms. Powell’s report outlined what was in the future plans of the school including a capital campaign to solve the challenges of an aging building. Many people were surprised to hear that the Board had reviewed a building assessment conducted by engineers last year that indicated SCCS has three options: (simplified) rebuild, renovate or relocate. Mrs. Tammy Narynski, School Vice-Principal, reviewed the annual school goals (please see earlier blog article for more details). The portion held in the gym concluded with the entire group reciting the school’s prayer for 2014. Continue reading

FIRST MASS of the Year

On Sept. 16th, the entire school gathered at St. Charles Catholic Church for our school mass. School Masses are student-led, and prove to be exciting opportunities for students to share their gifts in meaningful ways.Mass1

The choir was comprised of students in Grades 3-5. Musical accompaniment was provided by Grade 7 violin students and the music teachers. The cantors, who were Grade 7 students, confidently sang the responsorial psalm in its entirety and the led the community with the refrain. Grade 5 students were responsible for training the Grade 4 students who served as altar servers. All of the grades contributed to the explanation of the gifts, carrying of the gifts (which included a football, dancing slippers and drum to represent how each vocation can lend to being great for God), and the prayers of the faithful, including: Continue reading


SCCS celebrates annual Health Weeks September 15 – 26

K students practice effective hand washing and safe coughing techniques.

K students practice effective hand washing and safe coughing techniques.

The health and safety of the members of our community is an ongoing concern. As a school we have made a commitment to focus on healthy practices and routines early in the year. To this end, we have set aside two weeks every September to review healthy practices. Topics covered include:

Wash Your Hands – Throughout the weeks, students review effective hand-washing techniques and community expectations.

Cover Your Mouth – Proper protocols with regard to coughing are reinforced throughout the weeks.

Nutrition – As students eat lunches and several snacks daily, healthy eating practices are discussed and encouraged.

Transmission –Everyone is asked to take this opportunity to review/learn how disease is transmitted and how we can prevent others from getting sick. Parents are encouraged to review the information on the school website for more information (

Keep your hands away from your mouth or objects. Students, especially younger students, are strongly encouraged to exercise caution.

Grade 1-2 learns coughing techniques.

Grade 1-2 learns coughing techniques and how it helps keep us all healthy.

Throughout both weeks, teachers will be addressing these topics in classes. Each class will develop a healthy lifestyle routine that includes scheduled opportunities for hand-washing throughout the day. If you have any questions about the material being covered, please speak with a teacher.

Committed to student success in Math

This article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on September 2nd. It has been included in this blog because of SCCS’s relationship with Professor Anna Stokke who conducted a workshop with the SCCS staff in 2012 and commented that “It is great to see that you and your staff are committed to delivering solid math instruction to your students.  The children and parents at your school are very lucky!”

School has Started …… It’s great to be back!

On Wednesday, September 3rd, the Grades 1-8 students had their first full day of school.

Blog04_09The annual Opening Prayer Service was led by the school Principal, Dr. Penny, and actively supported by the Grade 8 students who read and carried up the gifts. Throughout the service, the school was treated to music accompaniment provided by the teachers including Mrs. Sherlock (voice), Mrs. Reynolds (voice), Mr. Racaru (violin), Mrs. Lalonde (clarinet) and Mrs. Langlois (piano). The service concluded on a strong positive note when Msgr. Comeault, the Corporate Board Chair, spoke to the parable of the “seed that fell on fertile ground” and blessed the community as it begins a new year. Immediately after the service, a general assembly led by Mrs. Narynski was held during which the teachers were introduced to all the students, and the school goals and uniform pride expectations were reviewed.