Music Department Expands


SCCS Violin Ambassadors

…… Enrollment has tripled and staffing increases

The wonderful news is that our Private Music Lesson student enrollment has wonderfully tripled over the past 2 years. To facilitate the growth of this outstanding music program we are excited to expand our team of dynamic instructors from a family of 4 to 10 this year! We welcome aboard the following very accomplished, new instructors to our amazing P.M.L. instructor team:

  • Mr. Jeari Czapla – Guitar/ Drums
  • Mr. Richard Tyborowski – Guitar
  • Ms. Suzan Muncer – Flute
  • Ms. Edvany Da Silva – Cello

They join our current staff, which includes:

  • Nancy Nowosad – Piano
  • Melissa Gingrich – Piano
  • Karen Wolitski – piano
  • Elizabeth Rotoff Voice
  • Kasey Kurtz – Guitar
  • Courtney Bonner – Violin

The SCCS PML program began in 2009 as an extension of our classroom music program. It provides our students with the opportunity to take private lessons here at school. Our PML teachers have private studios and are highly regarded in the Winnipeg music community for their performance abilities and their students’ successes over the years.

For more information about this program, please contact Mrs. Kathy Lalonde (coordinator) at

Lessons start the week of Tues. Sept. 23rd /14